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V.C.V.P. Innovative Technology For CPU Cooling Author:  ID-COOLING    Date:  2013.6.1

June 1st 2013 – ID-COOLING, after a few years’ research in total obscurity, will reveal their fruit—an untraditional CPU Cooler with innovative technology—untraditional CPU Cooler with V.C.V.P. Technology.




Named after the cold country name—Finland, FI-REEX DELUXE is designed to cool down processors with 300W TDP. ID-COOLING comes up with patented V.C.V.P. technology which is a really innovative technology for thermal dissipation. Simply put, V.C.V.P. means Vapor Chamber to Vapor Pipe. Other than normal heatpipe technology, V.C.V.P. technology allows the heatpipe directly soldered to the vapor chamber base. The hollow cavity of the heatpipe is connected to that of vapor chamber. The innovative idea is to enable a truly non-obstacle channel for heat transfer.





The heatsink set of FI-REEX DELUXE is composed of two traditional 8mm diameter heatpipes and a flat vapor chamber connected with six vapor pipes. The heatsink is covered with a layer of shining nickel for aesthetics and anti-oxidation. This cooler is equipped with two premium NO-14025 fans with PWM function. Running at the speed of 800-1600RPM, the noise level is controlled between 16.8 and 32.6dBA. On each corner of the fans, rubber noise dampeners are placed across the frame.










The full set of installation kit includes all necessary metal back plate, mounting brackets, clips, and thumb screws for safe and sound installation onto the motherboard. All mainstream CPUs are supported: Intel LGA2011/1150/1155/1156/1366/775 and AMD FM2(+)/FM1/AM3(+)/AM2(+). With a 5-year warranty, FI-REEX DELUXE is aimed to provide the unmatched cooling solution for overclockers and performance enthusiasts.